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Thanksgiving Turkey candies! πŸ¦ƒ

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

I know I can’t be the only last-minute Mama out there. With fewer than 24 hours until Thanksgiving dinner, the girls and I needed a quick, easy, fun treat to make together. We are huge fans of Rolo pretzels, so we thought we’d put a Thanksgiving spin on them after seeing something similar on my Facebook feed.

We are super happy with the way these festive treats turned out, and the best part was that both girls could make them on their own! Ready to try these yourself? Here’s what you’ll need:

β€’ mini pretzels

β€’ Rolo candies

β€’ candy corn

β€’ Reese’s pieces

β€’ Candy eyeballs

Pretzel Turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

How we did it:

The girls strategically lined the pretzels up neatly on a cookie sheet (and may or may not have snacked a bit).

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

Next, they centered Rolos, small side down, on top of each pretzel.

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

Then, to soften the candies, I put the cookie sheet in the oven at 250 degrees for about 2 minutes.

Now we were ready to decorate!

I put a few warm pretzels on each of their plates and they were on their own! We added edible googly eyes, a Reese’s piece for the beak (or is that the gobble?), and three candy corns for the turkey feathers. Our first few were a little messy, but after doing a couple, we were all pros! Β Of course, we couldn’t resist a little finger licking along the way…

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

Because the Rolos were still soft even after we finished decorating, I transferred all of our masterpieces to a cooling rack and popped it in the fridge for awhile so they would set. Our finished treats? Adorable and delish!

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats

Next up will be Christmas treats, so if you know of any cute, festive, kid-friendly treats, please share in the comments! Maybe we can avoid last minute shenanigans next holiday (Probably not). 😜

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! πŸ¦ƒπŸ₯§πŸ

Pretzel turkeys - Thanksgiving treats