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Product Review: FASTEN Leotards

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. I was provided sample products for review purposes, but was not financially compensated for this post. Opinions are entirely my own and based on my personal experience with FASTEN products.

Ask any busy mom – when it comes to kids, every second counts.  Each moment of our busy days is meticulously planned (yet somehow, we’re still always late 😩), and you can bet I’ve factored in time for putting on mittens and hats, zippering coats, grabbing snacks for the road, running back into the already locked house to get purple blanky and kitty or a forgotten backpack, hitting the Dunkin’ drive-through for a medium hot Hazelnut… the list goes on.  But nothing throws us off more than last minute trips to the bathroom – especially when we’re on our way to dance class.

Dance moms know that potty emergencies take on a whole new meaning when leotards are part of the equation. Simple bathroom trips with little kids are a project to begin with, but when you add peeling off all the layers, tugging down leotards and tights, and pulling it all back together again, you’ve exponentially increased the hassle factor.  And your minute-to-minute-get-there-on-time plan is an absolute wash; everybody’s rushing and crying and miserable (including me!).

FASTEN: Lauren

Enter: FASTEN.  I stumbled across this brand on Instagram, and couldn’t be happier I did.  Their genius patent-pending technology makes bathroom breaks a breeze by eliminating the frustration and wasted time of taking everything off.


The hidden snaps and magnetic strips are magical – they unfasten at the waist and open easily (why didn’t I think of that?!), enabling a quick, clean, fuss-free trip to the potty.  That way, tiny dancers can get back to what matters most: mastering their pirouettes. 💃🏻

FASTEN: Lane and Lauren

And now, a word from the real experts.




img_8211Lane was excited to try out her new leotard and called it “comfy.”  This is huge coming from her, as this girl tugs at tights and leotards like no other and will literally cry actual tears if her clothing is not comfortable.

Lauren, on the other hand, will put fashion over function any day of the week, and was mostly concerned with whether or not the leotard would have a tutu.  To her delight, the skirt is attached, which is another win for me.  One less thing to fuss with!  That being said, she was happily surprised when she didn’t have to take off her entire ensemble to use the bathroom, and commented that it was “convenient.”  Yes, she knows that word.  Yes, she’s 3.

FASTEN: Lauren

Ready to give FASTEN a try and make life easier for your own little superstar?  Click here for free shipping!  Happy twirling!